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Software has become an increasingly critical component for most businesses. Software engineering initially focused on improving productivity: How to provide new features and build more software faster? This has led to millions of lines of code being written over the past ten years. 

Now, as software has become an integral part of the success of a business, the focus has expanded beyond creating software faster to ensuring that the software works. Quality has become and will remain a critical component of all software projects. Users will no longer put up with poor quality software, and businesses can not afford to operate with unstable software. 

The only way to ensure quality in software is to establish and follow a quality assurance plan and employ solid testing techniques. Software Research provides the tools necessary to implement a sound testing program throughout the software development life-cycle. With the broadest range of testing products available today, on both UNIX and Windows platforms, SR is the right choice for companies serious about delivering high quality software.

eValid InBrowser Website Quality Solution
  • Automated WebSite Quality Testing & QA Tool Suite:
    Spidering, Searching, Functional Testing, Validating, Server Loading, Performance Tuning, Timing, WebSite Metrics, Monitoring
  • Runs Inside A Full-Featured Browser
  • 100% Realistic User-Perspective Tests
  • Superior Ease-Of-Use, Power, Simplicity, Flexibility
  • Flexible Licensing & Pricing For Excellent ROI

TestWorks Client/Server Regression & Coverage Tools

  • The World Standard for Client/Server Test Tools
  • Available for UNIX and Windows
  • Coverage Testing
  • Regression Testing

If you would like more information, complete our information request page and we will contact you. Additional detail is also available from the Software Research web site www.soft.com.

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