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eValid's patent-pending technology focuses on every part of WebSite quality. Enhance the quality of your WebSite from your user's -- YOUR Customer's -- point of view!  

eValid is NEW technology -- test and analysis functions built inside the eValid browser. You get superior ease-of-use and total reality -- no approximations. Unlike older client/server methods, and weaker HTTP proxy/wrapper techniques, eValid delivers efficient, accurate, repeatable, unambiguous -- real -- WebSite behavior. You can rely on eValid to make sure your WebSite is top quality.

Mapping. With its built-in web spider that's immune to server variations, eValid maps your WebSite -- 100% the way your users see it -- to report broken & unavailable pages, identify slow-loading, old, oversize, or too complicated pages. Facts your WebSite QA Team needs to know! Plus, eValid's unique dynamic 3D-SiteMaps examine your WebSite's internal structure!
Functional Testing. Assure WebSite correctness with functional test record/playback. With multiple synchronization modes, and comprehensive validations, you'll have high confidence in your WebSite. Handles all WebSites: HTTP/HTTPS, Javascript, XML, Java Applets, FLASH, ASP, JSP, ActiveX controls -- the works! If you can browse it you can test it!
Server Performance Loading. Run multiple real browsers in parallel to create loads that really represent what users do! No guessing, no approximations -- NO VIRTUAL USERS -- just real users in real browsers doing real work. Your server can't tell it's not a real user. You'll be able to identify real server performance and capacity issues -- and not be fooled by "virtual user" inaccuracies.
Page Timing/Tuning. Got a few troublesome pages? eValid shows you Web page timing details not visible with any other method. So you can smooth out performance problems quickly and simply.
Transaction Monitoring. eValid scripts monitoring actual transactions -- "deep tests" -- with total realism, can send email/pager alarms if there's any kind of lapse. Monitor your WebSite for anything you can view, including Flash, secure sessions, logins -- anything! Self-contained testing or simple interfaces with network monitoring systems.

eValid's the best choice if you're serious about improving WebSite quality from your users' perspective. An integrated suite, easy to use, compact, powerful, and accurate.

eValid InBrowser Website Quality Solution
  • Automated WebSite Quality Testing & QA Tool Suite:
    Spidering, Searching, Functional Testing, Validating, Server Loading, Performance Tuning, Timing, WebSite Metrics, Monitoring

  • Runs Inside A Full-Featured Browser

  • 100% Realistic User-Perspective Tests

  • Superior Ease-Of-Use, Power, Simplicity, Flexibility

  • Flexible Licensing & Pricing For Excellent ROI

If you would like more information, complete our information request page and we will contact you. Additional detail is also available from the Software Research web site www.soft.com.

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