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TestWorks for UNIX

- TestWorks/Regression is a complete solution for automating and managing execution and verification of tests on text and GUI based applications. Capture/Playback has integrated and switchable True-Time and Object-Mode operation. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) verification is available in both playback modes.

- CAPBAK/X has Automatic Output Synchronisation and Automatic Object Extraction to assure low-overhead, hands-off test recording while still assuring maximum playback reliability. Fully editable and programmable ``C'' language scripts.

- TestWorks/Regression also offers automated load generation from a single workstation for multi-user client-server applications (using Xvirtual), and has a sophisticated test management component to control test execution and verification (SMARTS).

- TestWorks/Coverage tools indicate where testing is incomplete by measuring how well test cases exercise programs written in C, C++, Ada or FORTRAN (F77). Test coverage is reported at branch (C1), function-call (S1) (with TCAT for C-C++, and S-TCAT for Ada and F77) and path class [verification condition] (Ct) (with TCAT-PATH) levels. Using recursive descent compiler technology, TestWorks/Coverage handles all standard constructs and dialects of C and C++. Standard Ada and F77 are also fully supported.

- TCAT provides colour annotatable graphical displays of complex call tree and individual programs digraphs, with source viewing to source-line level. User-defined annotation functions are available. Animation of tests with T-SCOPE (coupled with TCAT-PATH provide a high-end near-verification level of test coverage.

- TestWorks/Advisor improves productivity, resource management, quality and predictability by providing static source code analysis (STATIC) and complexity measurement (METRIC). Seventeen software metrics measure a program's data, logic and size complexity more thoroughly than a compiler, aiding in objective, quantitative testing resource management.

- TDGEN's test data/file generation more fully tests your application. Tests are expanded from templates and user-supplied enumeration-type value tables, using either sequential or random mode value selection.

TestWorks for Windows

Software Research, Inc.'s TestWorks for Windows, an integrated suite of automated testing tools, is the broadest suite of tools available to test applications running under Microsoft Windows (Win3.1), Microsoft Windows NT or Microsoft Windows 95 (Win32). TestWorks for Windows has two main bundles of tools: TestWorks/Regression for Windows and TestWorks/Coverage for Windows.

- TestWorks/Regression for Windows is composed of two tool systems which operate independently or as an integrated set: CAPBAK/MSW and SMARTS/MSW. CAPBAK/MSW is a full-featured capture/playback system which supports TrueTime Mode and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) verification for completely automated regression testing. CAPBAK/MSW includes the powerful Automatic Output Synchronization technology to insure that testers' recordings can be made with minimum, totally hands-off, effort and still have maximum playback reliability.

- CBDIFF, a built-in component of CAPBAK/MSW, verifies bitmaps captured during a recording session and automatically compares them with the actual images at playback. With Optical Character Recognition verification, CBDIFF determines a successful test based on ASCII values extracted from bitmap images disregarding differences in font, type size, and background colour.

- SMARTS/MSW, a powerful sophisticated test management tool, controls user-defined automated C-language test scripts and provides for fully unattended execution of tests. Using the industry's first true relational test-tree method, user-selected tests are run in groups or sub-groups as appropriate.

 - TestWorks/Coverage for Windows provides measurements to determine how well test cases exercise a program written in C and C++ by identifying where testing is incomplete at the unit, system and integration levels. It uses two measurements to ensure the thoroughness of test cases: logical branch (C1) for unit testing, and function-call (S1) for system and integration tests. Using recursive descent compiler technology, TestWorks/Coverage is easily able to handle all standard constructs and dialects of C and C++.

If you would like more information, complete our information request page and we will contact you. Additional detail is also available from the Software Research web site

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