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GraphPak For Qt

GraphPak for Qt is a tool for creating charts and graphs. 

With GraphPak, creating almost any of the standard charts/graphs is quick and easy. And when you need it, GraphPak also provides the flexibility to add a large number of dimensions or extend the product to meet the unique needs of your application.

With GraphPak, you can quickly and efficiently create user-friendly programs that can be deployed quickly to multiple platforms with Qt.


Currently in Beta

Whether you call it a table, a matrix, or a grid, QicsTable provides the solution for developers who will not compromise on their applications.

QicsTable is a 4th generation table developed by professionals, for professionals who need a reliable, high performance table that is flexible for the developer and creates applications that users will love.

KD Executor

- a multi-purpose tool for testing and demonstration

Testing GUI applications is time consuming and tedious. If you deploy your application to Windows, Unix, Linux, and MacOS, the effort required to re-test your application can be simply overwhelming.

KD Executor provides a complete testing harness that simplifies the creation of tests that run on any platform and makes the re-testing process so automated, that it can literally be initiated at a push of a button.


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