BX PRO provides a comprehensive visual reuse environment that speeds development of mission-critical applications. BX PRO integrates three best-of-breed tools to create an unparalleled application development suite. BX PRO consists of the following components:

  • Builder Xcessory, the industry's most advanced graphical user interface builder for OSF/Motif and Java
  • ViewKit ObjectPak, an application framework for developing OSF/Motif and C++ applications

  • EnhancementPak, a set of 27 reusable components including business graphs and sophisticated user interface controls

Builder Xcessory

Builder Xcessory (BX) is the industry leading graphical user interface (GUI) builder for Motif. BX enables software developers to meet the challenge of streamlining the process of GUI development, without sacrificing quality. An easy to use object- oriented development tool, Builder Xcessory generates C, C++ and UIL code. The C++ code generated follows the de facto standard established by Doug Young of Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Builder Xcessory is a WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") visual development environment for user interfaces. Builder Xcessory has an extensible palette of user interface (UI) objects with which you construct your interface,

Using Builder Xcessory, you interactively create your application's graphical user interface using Motif widgets, ViewKit Components, user-defined components, or Java classes. With Builder Xcessory, you directly manipulate your interface. For example, to resize a pushbutton, select the pushbutton with the mouse and stretch it. If you want to move the pushbutton, select it with the mouse and move it.

When you are ready to generate source code, it is a simple menu selection to invoke to powerful code generator, to produce clean, maintainable C, C++ or Java code.

Builder Xcessory (BX), the latest version of ICS's premier GUI builder, now includes many new features like a new palette, making it easier than ever to add a large number of components and customise BX, .enhanced class member editor, inclusion of ViewKit menu and dialog components on the Palette, as well as other new features and improvements.

Builder Xcessory uses Sun's Java Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) to provide the standard set of user interface objects for the Java language. BX 4.0 offers a new palette of user interface objects that contains all of the visible user interface components of AWT. BX adds the AWT 1.1 new Delegation Event Model.


EnhancementPak (EPak) is a collection of general purpose widgets consisting of controls, geometry managers, and resource managers that will dramatically improve your ability to build superior user interfaces at a lower cost, and deploy exceptionally easy to use GUIs for end users.

ViewKit ObjectPak

ViewKit ObjectPak is an application framework, which simplifies the task of developing Motif applications with C++. ViewKit promotes consistency by providing a common architecture for applications and improves programmer productivity by providing high-level, object-oriented, and in many cases automatic, support for commonly needed, re-usable operations.

Application Deployment Anywhere

BX PRO and its add-ons make it easier than ever to develop applications on UNIX and deploy them anywhere.

If you would like more information, complete our information request page and we will contact you. Additional detail is also available from the ICS web site www.ics.com.

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