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 BX for Java

The fresh visual approach to building GUI-intensive JavaTM applications

BX for Java is the new and complete visual development tool for building and  managing  mission-critical pure Java applications. With all of the power and functional richness that professionals will appreciate and the context-sensitive tools to help novices get up to speed fast, this is the Java tool you've been waiting for. And because support is from ICS, you can be sure that your next project will be a success.

With BX for Java, creating the user interface for your application is as easy as point-and-click! Just choose any AWT or Swing component from the palette and place it in your model. Use any of the included JavaBeanstm, create your own (including graphical ones), or import any of your choice. Each component can be customized to make it behave exactly as you wish.

Watch your application come to life as BX's built-in Java interpreter updates your model instantly. Broadcast your application directly from your desktop to as many test stations as you wish using the built-in Remote Testing module. You'll quickly build the best cross-platform interfaces with the confidence that comes from testing their functionality every step of the way!

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Features include:

  • Drag-and-drop visual creation of even the most complex GUIs.
  • Full support for all AWT, Swing/JFC components and all LayoutManagers.
  • Full JavaBeans™ support including creation of your own of graphical JavaBeans.
  • Java Wizards to help effortlessly produce large blocks of code for over 50,000 statements and functions.
  • Real-time execution of your working model lets you try out your interface on-the-fly.
  • “Pluggable Look and Feel” lets you see your Swing application as it will look when deployed on any platform.


  • Full ODBC and JDBC support with visual mapping to GUI objects and comprehensive SQL wizards.
  • Built-in Remote Testing Module enables automatic deployment of your application to an unlimited number of test stations.
  • Built-in editor with method lookup and code completion via introspection, search and replace using Perl 5 regular expressions, color syntax highlighting, and unlimited undo/redo.
  • Cross-platform debugger.
  • Integrate with your choice of Java editors, debuggers, and compilers.

Full JDBC/ODBC support:

BX for Java even includes an intuitive graphical method of integrating data from any JDBC/ODBC data source. Using the Database Tool, you can visually select tables, choose which columns to display, and which rows to include without writing a single line of SQL. With a click of the mouse, every SQL statement is integrated seamlessly into your interface.

Broadcast your application to an unlimited number of test workstations...directly from your desktop!

The included remote testing module lets you broadcast your application to an unlimited number of test workstations, empowering you to build your application once on the operating system of your choice, then watch it run on other computers using other operating systems. You can make changes to the original program and test again by simply re-broadcasting. Serious developers will find this tool invaluable.

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